Not exactly a humble statement, but it’s the truth. Acoustech is a full-service audio post house in the old style. See the list below and marvel at its all-inclusiveness.

Recording, Mixing, Sound Design, Music Composition

If it’s sound related, we do it. And we do it well. Both rooms fully equipped with up to date Pro Tools systems and all the effects you can eat. And audio nerds have been known to cry tears of joy when they enter our mic closet. But the voice talent is in New York, you say. No sweat. We can hook up with any Source Connect system anywhere for remote recording. From a single voice announcer to the most complicated sound design on the planet to an original piece of music, we’ll make it better than you imagined it could be.

Data/File Conversion

Pick a file. Any file. Now close your eyes and think about it. Yep, we can deliver that for you.

Stock Music & Sound FX

We have immediate access to the full APM and UPM music libraries as well as Sound Ideas, Hollywood Edge, and many other sound effects libraries. We also know this means nothing to you. Basically, whatever music & sound effects you need, we’ve got it.

Customer Services

Delicious breakfasts for morning sessions. Lunch ordered from a wide variety of fine restaurants. Or terrible restaurants if that’s what you desire. Fancy meats and cheeses, snacks, sodas, coffee and cappuccino and any other treats you may want available any time. And if you need a little hair of the dog to help you through the afternoon, we’ll never tell.

Audio/Video Customization

V/O Recording & Mixing as well as DR and locator tagging.

Closed Captioning

Captioning for SD and HD spots.

Broadcast Verification

BVS, Nielsen and Teletrax video watermarking services.